Jay and Krystal (October 6, 2012)

Thanks for reading Jay’s Daily Dose! Since you’ve decided to find out a little bit about me, I’ll write all that is fit to print and hopefully you’ll have a better understanding of who I am and what I pursue — and what I will write about.

My name is Jason S. Jackson, but I go by Jay in my day-to-day life. I’ve had the nickname since I was about 10, and really the only persons who ever use my real name are my family members. I was a professional online poker player for around seven to eight years, and would have continued down that road if not for the Full Tilt Poker scandal after Black Friday left me without a playing bankroll to go use in the Detroit casinos.

With these developments, I have gone back to “real work” — working as a server in an upscale Italian restaurant to pay the bills. I have always had a deep passion (and, I’m told, a great talent) for writing, I just was never able to keep constant work going into a blog as my life was much different.

Since I cannot do what I would do with most of my time on the internet, I have decided to attack writing once again with a vengeance. I love politics, and sports, and can talk/write about both for days on end. I’ve been a registered Democrat since my 18th birthday, and am very proud of that fact. I also am a devoted atheist and antitheist, so it seems as if I am in a constant debate with someone to define “what I believe” or to defend myself against attacks for the right to be a “free thinker” and say what I *do* believe. I have studied most of the monotheistic religions in some depth and feel qualified to debate on all of them and how I view them from an atheistic perspective.

I am in a long-term, committed relationship. My girlfriend and I are waiting until our lives are a bit more stable before I pop the question. I’m old-fashioned, so I want the approval of her father. We’ve already vowed to spend the rest of our lives together, though – and that also puts me in a great mindset to write. I’ve found the yin to my yang, the cream to my coffee, the key to my heart – and I think it will show in my writing. Regardless, any page telling about me would be incomplete without mention of Krystal, as she is everything I am, and makes me want to be everything I can be.

Anyway, I’m going to leave this right here for now. If there is anything else you wish to know about me, I’m always available and willing to answer any question for my readers! I hope you will follow this blog, and hope you enjoy Jay’s Daily Dose!