Especially when you are launching a blog, or rebooting a blog such as we are doing here at Jay’s Daily Dose, the first question people ask themselves is what is going to be the niche that their blog fits into.  Honestly, the thought has been giving me fits while I’ve been in the process of this reboot, so I thought I’d share my thoughts with everyone.

I’ve been doing tons of searches on blogging, blogging for cash, guest posting — you get the picture — for a couple of solid weeks now.  I haven’t put forth the investment yet to self-host my blog yet, but I was on the verge when I decided to reboot.

You always hear bloggers from the top bloggers in the scene on down to anyone who could be getting their stuff from a content farm saying that you should definitely define a niche and stick to it, especially if you want to make any money with your blogging.  I don’t think I can stick to one niche, and with so many different tools available for advertising and the like now, I don’t think I have to — and here’s why!

1.  You have more to say when you don’t restrict yourself.

Most bloggers stick to their niche of choice, and they don’t write about anything but.  Sure, they might tell you that a post will be late because of some personal happening or something like that, but other than that they only write about their topic.  If their topic is roses, for example, they would rather provide nothing to their reader if they can’t post about roses.

I find it very hard to believe that some of the great writers couldn’t provide a lot more value to their readers if they posted about more topics.

2. Your posts will be stronger when you diversify.

Unless you have a very broad topic, there are going to be times when you are telling yourself that you have to post content, and you will wind up throwing a post together with no rhyme or reason to it.  Sure, it might be on your topic, but dedicated readers will definitely be able to tell when you are mailing it in.

When you have several topics that you are passionate about, and that you are comfortable writing about, you are going to be able to provide valuable content to your readers and you will seldom struggle to be able to write a well thought out or researched article.

3. Content management is easy, so actually USE it.

Blogging platforms such as WordPress (which I recommend for any blogger from the aspiring and new blogger to the seasoned professional) all provide easy ways to manage your content.  It is easy to keep all of your posts on different subjects separate, and it is very easy to present what you are going to be writing about to the new reader.

If someone finds your article through a search engine, sure they will be directed to that article, but any good blogger will know how to setup their pages to where it is very easy for that reader to learn about them and everything else they can find on that site.  There are also plenty of people like myself out there who will help people with questions on how to organize their site so THEIR readers can find everything easy as well.

Obviously, you can do amazingly well by choosing a specialty for your blog and dedicating yourself to that.  However, do not think that you can not be successful and have a lot of fun if you choose not to limit the topics you write about.

We encourage you to comment and discuss these ideas below.  Thank you very much for visiting Jay’s Daily Dose!